Crazy about Science: Missouri Teachers Take Over Tan-Tar-A Resort

Young Years Conference

By 10:30 AM on Friday, March 10th, the place was out of control. Roughly 600 early childhood teachers who attended my featured session – How to Keep Your Children Excited about Science – were smacking each other with giant 8 foot long balloons and learning about carbon dioxide by dropping Mentos candy into 2-liter bottles of diet Coke. I think we broke the previous 16 foot record for erupting soda – the soda shot up and almost touched the 20 foot ceiling. Okay, why is doing this crazy stuff any better than making the 600 teachers sit through a PowerPoint presentation about teaching science?

Because great science teachers understand the need to make science come alive. It’s not about getting “kids” excited about science. … kids love science. It’s the teachers who have a problem with science because most of us had a science teacher in school that was as exciting and dynamic as a brick wall. Let’s be honest, these presentations are really about getting the TEACHER motivated to teach science and to integrate more science education into their classrooms. It’s about getting great early childhood educators excited about teaching something that can make a difference in the life of a child… and make the world a better place to live… and increase the number of times you laugh each day.

Gretchen Berhorst and her team from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education pulled off another amazing conference – great training sessions, great resources and just the right mix of fun to motivate and inspire some of Missouri’s best early childhood educators.

Young Years Conference

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  1. Catrina Steinmann
    Catrina Steinmann says:

    Hey loved the conference and your session. I got to be one of your handly helpers and it was so helpful with hands on info that Im gonna take back to my 3 year old classroom on Monday. Thanks for being upbeat and fun! Science should always be that fun! And hey, thanks for the soda trick, now every time I tap the top of my soda I will remember what you told us! Thanks again! I really really appreciate you coming!

  2. Ann-Marie Stauffer
    Ann-Marie Stauffer says:

    Hey Steve,
    I was there….can’t wait to take my 2-6 year olds outside to blow up the diet coke….all I have talked about for two days…. They are going to think I am so cool and they already believe I am magic….so this will be even better…
    Thanks for giving a wonderful session and I cant wait to practice the egg tricks…I just hope they work…Might do those outside also..

    Again thank you
    Ann-Marie Stauffer
    Director of the D.L.C. Center, Inc.
    Edina, Mo.

  3. Megan Ziegler
    Megan Ziegler says:

    I was at the first session at the Lake. It was so interesting. I can not wait to get back to school and use some of these ideas with my students.

  4. Michelle King
    Michelle King says:

    Thanks for the great and exciting session. I have 4 boys in my Pre-Kindergarten class that are going to think I am the coolest…since I don’t know much about Spider Man which happens to be their favorite topic. You were awesome and very inspiring. Thanks:)

  5. Kerri
    Kerri says:

    Steve, I have really enjoyed your presentation. I have
    had a strong desire to become a science teacher, cause
    like you said at the conference, I myself was
    influenced greatly by two fantastic science teachers
    in my youth, who in their own special way made science
    come alive and therein, stirring my love for learning.
    You i believe are one of those people who have made
    such a difference in the lives of children. Thanks and
    God bless you in the days ahead!
    Kerri Cox

  6. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    Thank you so much for presenting! Your workshop was the most informative and fun workshop I went to! I love science and I have always loved it! I’m always looking for new ways to teach my Preschoolers (4 and 5 year olds) about our world! Thank you again for being passionate and excited about what you do! It is so refreshing to see someone so wonderful sharing what they know about teaching!

    Stephanie Willoughby
    Wonder Years Preschool Teacher -Springfield,MO


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