Teaching teachers to do magic

A teacher can be an amazing teacher. In science workshops and seminars, I teach teachers how to do magic.

I grew up in a family of professional magicians, but my 13 years in the classroom didn’t involve a lot of magic other than science magic, like water floating upside down in a glass, or a ping pong ball floating on a stream of air.

Teachers are aware of how important it is to teach content. Sometimes they need to stop for a moment and learn how to be a presenter of science.

I teach you how to put the coin in your hand and make it disappear. It’s a technique used by magicians to grab our attention. It excites us. Makes us want to know how it works. And it can be worked into the Five E’s: it excites the kids, makes them want to explore, engages them in learning and experiment in the process and, finally, evaluates their learning.

And it can be as simple as a little experiment with the vanishing coin.

Listen to my podcast to hear how teachers can do magic in the classroom

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  1. Frank Padilla, Jr
    Frank Padilla, Jr says:

    Steve, I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your effort to make science fun and entertaining. I also teach magic and science applications to educators. One of my more popular workshops is “Using Magic for Outdoor Education” and I will soon offer a workshop on using toys to encurgae scientific inquiry. I am awauy using your site for a link for great resources and your staff have been very helpful when I need extra catalogs to pass out at my workshops. Again I jeust wnated to say tahnsk for your energy. Frank Padilla, Jr


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