Lights! Camera! Action! Enter the amazing teacher

A teacher is always on stage. The lights come on. The sound comes up. And the teacher is on stage for six hours guiding the kids through the learning process.

I am often invited to attend conferences and speak to audiences. The last thing I want a teacher in my audience to see is a magic show or circus act where the person with the most toys can teach science the best.

Science is about an unfolding story, how the simplest pieces of learning can be connected to an experience that relates to a real world application. When a teacher watches me on stage I want to say: “these are ways you can teach science”?.

Stop the world for just a second and say: why are we in this profession in the first place? It is not because of the great pay, the super benefits or because it is a glamorous job. It is because there is a student behind the desk who some day is going to get it. And when they do, that is why a teacher teaches.

On stage I only hope that is the message people can take away – that you truly can be an amazing teacher.

Listen to my podcast on science storytelling

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