After school demos make great teachers

So you want to be an amazing teacher? Start with the parents. Back to school night is a great time to do some science demonstrations.

Imagine yourself doing an experiment right in front of the parents’ eyes, like filling a Ziplock bag with water, spearing the bag with pencils and the water doesn’t come out. As you do this you weave a story around this demonstration about how you’re taking their children whom they’ve entrusted in your care and taught them exciting new things. “Your children are our liquid assets, and it is my job to provide school ‘SPEAR-it’…The secret is to make sure we don’t lose any of those liquid assets.”

Then remind the parents: “You are giving your children to me for six hours of the day. Help me for the rest of the day to reinforce those five fundamental things I taught your child today to ensure that, after a year, your child is the best human being he or she can be.”

Incorporating demonstrations and storytelling is a very effective and simple way to communicate a message to parents.

Listen to my podcast on after school demos

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  1. Jamie@homeschooling
    Jamie@homeschooling says:

    Parents should be getting involved. After school demos is the way to go, if that is what it is going to take to wake the parents up. Too many parents fail to get involved with their child’s education,and I find that very sad.


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