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Mentos Geyser Hits the Classroom… But Some Teachers Don’t Get It

It has the potential of being the most popular science fair project of all time. The Mentos Geyser is definitely fun to watch, but some teachers are missing the opportunity to use the activity to teach science. Over the last few weeks, I've…

The hardest thing about teaching science – not enough hours in the day

In a 2003 survey, elementary teachers said the hardest thing about teaching science was "I don't have enough time in the day"?. In that survey supervisors were asked the same question. Their responses related to not enough materials or staff…

After school demos make great teachers

So you want to be an amazing teacher? Start with the parents. Back to school night is a great time to do some science demonstrations. Imagine yourself doing an experiment right in front of the parents' eyes, like filling a Ziplock bag with…