Baby Soda Bottle – test tube in a bottle

Some of the products you see in the Steve Spangler Science catalog were born because science teachers found it difficult to get the supplies they needed. One such product is the Baby Soda Bottle. If you haven’t seen one, Baby Soda Bottle is actually a test tube. It is unusual. It is not made out of glass and, except for extreme heat, is indestructible. It holds liquid and is reusable.

Baby Soda Bottle is really an item you and I see on the store shelves. Picture a 2 liter Coke, Pepsi or Sprite bottle. Imagine taking that bottle and shrinking it until it gets smaller and smaller until it actually becomes the shape of a test tube. For years the bottling industry used these plastic forms to create this 2-liter bottle and for years these test tube-like structures were sitting there.

It took a group effort to convince the bottling company to release these bottles, but teachers created a great science tool that is now standard in every elementary school in the country. The birth of the Baby Soda Bottle!

Listen to my podcast on the Baby Soda Bottle

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  1. PWebb
    PWebb says:


    Do you know if there are any places to get BSBs in the UK?

    Getting them off this site incurs a huge postage charge even though the BSBs themselves are reasonable.

    Many thanks


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