Teachers Receive Hands-on Science Training

Summer vacation was cut short one day for 117 Florida teachers in Brevard County. Why? Blame Steve Spangler.


Teacher is Vacuum-Packed During a Science Teacher Training with Steve Spangler











Teachers returned to school early for an all day hands-on science training and a dose of Steve Spangler Science before starting a new school year. In a day and age when the general public complains about quality education in public schools, I wish those nay-sayers were on hand to see a group of highly motivated teachers who unselfishly give of their time (their vacation!) in order to be better prepared for the coming school year.

In the process of mixing up a few bubbling potions and polymer concoctions, these teachers engaged in the highest level of learning — the hands-on approach. If you’re a parent of a child in the Brevard County Public Schools, watch out… these teachers are some of the best in the country.

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