• STEM Science Kit - Physics Science KitSTEM Science Kit - Physics Science Kit

    STEM Science Kit: Physics Science STEM Kit

  • Science Magic

    STEM Science Kit: Science Magic

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  • Energy Stick ConductorEnergy Stick Conductor

    Energy Stick Conductor

  • Foam Alive™Foam Alive

    Foam Alive – 1 lb Bag

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  • At Home Science - Water SuspensionAt Home Science - Water Suspension

    At Home Science – Water Suspension

  • At Home Science - Tornado TubeAt Home Science - Tornado Tube

    At Home Science – Tornado Tube

  • At Home Science - Screaming BalloonsAt Home Science - Screaming Balloons

    At Home Science – Screaming Balloon

  • Oobleck!


    $7.50 Sale!
  • STEM Science Kit – Electricity Science Kit

    STEM Science Kit: Electricity Science Kit


Physics Products, Experiments and Labs

Each of our physics products, experiments and labs for kids lets them get hands on with their approach to learning about science. Along with the items and accessories they’ll need to recreate these physics experiments, they’ll receive an informative introduction to the physics idea they’re experiencing, along with an activity guide that delves deeper into these concepts, answering fascinating questions and opening up the world of physics to inquisitive young minds.

Steve Spangler Science: 25 Years of Inspiration

For more than 25 years, Steve Spangler Science has been on a mission to inspire young minds and to get kids excited about science. Through the use of dynamic presentations, hands-on experiments and easy-to-understand labs, we’ve been able to get an entire generation of scientific minds excited about science, technology, engineering and math. We’ve proven that these disciplines can be fun and exciting and can leap off the page and into the hands of kids who will, in turn, inspire the next generation.

Gift-Worthy Physical Science Lab Kits And Toys

Our physical science lab kits and toys are more than just tailored science lessons. These physics science toys are meant to entertain and fully capture the attention of children. As such, they are fantastic gifts for holidays, birthdays or just because. Give the gift of physics kits that do more than just entertain — inspire your budding scientist with awe-worthy science experiments that they’ll never forget.

Steve Spangler Science: Over 350 Unique Science Products

Physics can be accessible; it shouldn’t just be saved for physicists! Along with our physics products for kids, you can explore the world of Steve Spangler Science and bring the wonders of these lessons to your children and to your students. Along with these must-have physics products, we also carry At Home Chemistry Fun for kids, At Home Polymer Fun and At Home Table Tricks. Delve into our world of over 350 science products, developed by some of the country’s leading STEM advocates and educators.

Join Our Steve Spangler Science Club

Want even more ways to explore? Sign up for our monthly Steve Spangler Science Club! Join for as few as three months, and get incredible and diverse STEM science kits delivered to your doorstep every month. It’s a great way to explore the wonderful world of science as a family, and it’s an experience you can count on every month. 

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