Going Green for Kids with Steve Spangler Science

Steve Spangler Science has awesome science-based products and experiments that demonstrate the importance of going green. With our hands-on activities, kids will learn just how connected and important our relationship is with the earth and how changes in just one piece of the puzzle can have implications for the others. Whether you’re looking for an after-school activity, a mid-summer activity for your budding scientist or a STEM activity for a club, Steve Spangler Science is your go-to for interesting, engaging and fun exercises and green products that will get them excited about science, inspiring the next generation of STEMologists.


  • Water Jelly Crystals Classroom KitWater Jelly Crystals

    Water Jelly Crystals

  • Water Wizardry

    STEM Science Kit: Water Wizardry

    $17.49 Sale!
  • Leprechaun Science Bundle

    Leprechaun Science Bundle


BIG Experiments with ‘Wow’ Factor

These going green products show just how important taking care of the ecosystem is with fun, hands-on experiments that will offer memorable lessons. At Steve Spangler Science, we like to say we make things BIG! All of our going green products, activities and experiments have that famous Steve Spangler Science “wow” factor, which has been a signature ingredient to our more than 25 years of experience and fun in the academic and scientific industry. With every green-themed kit and activity, you’ll receive an all-in-one bundle for everything you need to create something amazing. You’ll also receive an activity guide, a teaching guide and more information on the science behind these experiments, providing a deep dive into what makes the environment tick. Learn about soil science and power conservation with our the Diggin’ Plants STEM science kits — ideal for your aspiring botanist. Our going green products and activities are great for hands-on fun for parties, clubs and more. Learn more about how the ecosystem works and how all science is connected with these interesting, engaging products.

Steve Spangler Science for Kids

Steve Spangler Science is your go-to for a huge selection of products. We carry over 350 science-based products for kids, each developed by top educators, engineers and scientists. We also have more than 225 million views (and growing!) on YouTube and our online science experiment library is one of the largest and the most respected resources online for both parents and educators. Steve Spangler Science has become a classroom staple for thousands of educators around the globe, as well as for parents who want to inspire and engage their inquisitive, science-minded kids to ask questions and get interested in the world around them!

Adult supervision is required.