Steve Spangler Science: Chemistry Experiments for Kids

Chemistry, or the interactions, reactions and changes in the chemicals that surround us in our environment, is a fascinating physical science! It’s not just for smarty-pants chemists, either — chemistry is for everyone. At Steve Spangler Science, we’ve taken what we’ve learned from entertaining and inspiring millions of kids about science and poured these principles and ideas into some of the most fascinating and fun hands-on chemistry experiments you’ll find anywhere.


Basic Elements; Bold Reactions

Our at-home chemistry products, kits and labs for kids will get them thinking and talking about how these chemicals directly affect our lives. They’ll see how some of the most basic elements on the Periodic Table of the Elements can create big reactions when combined. They’ll also get hands-on observations in how these chemicals grow, react to light and react with other chemicals. These chemistry products, chemistry collections and chemistry hands-on experiments are made just for kids and include just about everything needed to foster some excitement and some imagination. All that’s needed, of course, is some adult supervision (and believe us when we say that you won’t want to miss these chemistry experiments!).

Chemistry Products, Experiments and More

From STEM-inspired chemistry products and sensory-based goodies to outdoor activities, classroom kits and after-school activities, there is a chemistry product or kit here at Steve Spangler Science that will inspire just about every kid (and kid at heart). Check out the left side of this page to find interesting chemistry products that appeal to you and your budding chemist. You can also use the age-range filter to find age-appropriate chemistry experiments and products; we have products that are great for ages 5 through 7 to ages 8 through 13.

Steve Spangler Science: Chemistry with a ‘Wow’ Factor

For more than 25 years, Steve Spangler Science has been inspiring the next generation of chemists, scientists and engineers by offering products that allow children to experience science and chemistry like never before! Steve Spangler Science has over 350 products that use all kinds of scientific principles and theories — from physical science, life science, biology, botany and zoology to physics and chemistry — to provide memorable learning experiences that will motivate them, challenge then and push their limits. With Steve Spangler chemistry products, we’ve added the “wow” factor that has been missing in many different science experiments and products!

Adult supervision required.