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Instant Hot Ice

Quick Overview

Ice in an instant using sodium acetate… watch out though, it's hot!

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Did you ever try getting as much sugar as you could into a cup of Kool-Aid? It's ok, we all did. There was always some sugar left over in the bottom of the cup, no matter how hard you stirred. If only you had known about the secret of supersaturated solutions, you never would have run into this problem. The Instant Hot Ice kit uses supersaturated solutions to demonstrate just how much of a solid you can dissolve in a little bit of liquid… all you have to do is heat it up! Once the solution cools, it only takes one additional crystal to turn the liquid in the flask into a mass of hot ice. Instant Hot Ice is the first kit of its kind, coming with everything you need to demonstrate a supersaturated solution. And who knows, we might even teach you a cool trick or two along the way!

What's Included?

  • 500g sodium acetate trihydrate
  • 50mL glass beaker
  • 250mL glass flask
  • Clear safety glasses
  • Instant Hot Ice activity guide

How Does It Work?

Instant Hot Ice works through a supersaturated solution of sodium acetate trihydrate and water. Once cooled, the solution becomes unstable and can easily be triggered into a hot mass of ice. The release of the sodium acetate trihydrate molecules from the water triggers an exothermic reaction, the heat you feel.

What Does It Teach?

The same science used in the Instant Hot Ice kit is also behind the heat released by hand warmers. The kit itself is a great way to teach about exothermic chemical reactions and the differences between solids and liquids.

Science Fair Connection

If you want to use Instant Hot Ice as a science fair project, you have to figure out a variable. We have two pretty good options:

  • Test different solutes (salt, sugar, baking powder, etc.)
  • Try making a supersaturated solution using different liquids

It is incredibly important that you are careful when performing these experiments. They should all be done with full safety gear and adult supervision.

Additional Information

Product FAQ
  • How many times can I perform the demonstration?
    We include enough sodium acetate to perform the experiment and demonstration 3 times.  If you properly recycle your supersaturated solution, however, you can do it a number of times.

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  1. Excellent! review by Chris Giddens on 6/29/2015

    Worked perfectly and is amazing. I used the microwave method and it worked great. You will have some salt in the bottom, all you have to do is gently swirl the solution to dissolve it. Easy Peasy.

  2. Hot Product. review by Xavier on 4/3/2015

    Easy to do experiment. kids love the hot ice statues.

  3. Instant Hot Ice review by joyce Russell on 4/6/2013

    THIS IS SO COOL! I was impressed with the experiment from start to finish. I got it for my after school science club, and we had great success. :o)

  4. Becky Vaughn-Holsted review by Becky Vaughn-Holsted on 2/6/2013

    As long as I followed the directions, this was a perfect experiment. I got a lot of wows! However, when I did not allow the solution to cool sufficiently, there was disappointment! Three out of four...not really bad odds.

  5. Did not work review by clint percefull on 12/16/2012

    Tried the experiment several times exactly as the directions stated. Every time I removed the substance from the microwave the powder was still on the bottom in a solid clump and the water was on top. Nothing happened after this. I called and was told "it is fool proof, just follow the directions" I have ordered several things from this company and this is my first disappointment.

  6. Cool review by Gabby Lantz on 11/22/2012

    I love this product but it takes so long to cool down. once i cool it down smething activates it so it takes forever to prepare. plus you can only re use it twice if more it dosent work.

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