Boo Bubbles™ –
Dry Ice Smoke Bubble Experiment

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  • Explore the ghostly science secrets behind dry ice bubbles
  • Hold, bounce, and squeeze using the included Boo Bubble gloves

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  • Explore the ghostly science secrets behind dry ice bubbles
  • Hold, bounce, and squeeze using the included bubble gloves
Boo Bubbles

Boo Bubbles™ – Dry Ice Experiments

Many students immediately tune out when they hear a word like sublimation. Not only is this word long and confusing, but students may be convinced that the lesson is going to be boring. That’s where our Steve Spangler Science Boo Bubbles™ experiment comes in! As soon as you pull out some dry ice and tell your students they’re going to make our classic Boo Bubbles experiment, they’ll perk up. They’ll learn about sublimation and changing states of matter without even realizing it, all because they’re too busy having fun with dry ice bubbles!

Create smoke-filled bouncing bubbles with the Boo Bubbles Activity Kit from Steve Spangler Science. Our dry ice bubbles activity is perfect for Halloween or just for fun in the classroom. Boo Bubbles are an easy and safe way for parents and teachers to explore the fascinating and cool science of dry ice with foggy bubbles. We provide the generator, blower, gloves, tubing, mixing solution, and activity guide and other accessories. You just have to provide the Boo Bubbles dry ice when you’re reading to run an experiment with your children.

Boo Bubbles — Easy to Use and Fun for All Ages

Get ready to make some ghostly dry ice bubbles. Our all-in-one Boo Bubble Kit is easy to use. Just fill the dry ice bubble generator with warm water and add a few pieces of dry ice. Then, dip the bubble blower in the solution. When the dry ice reacts with water, smoke-filled dry ice bubbles are forced out of the bubble generator. By controlling the flow of the gas, you can make Boo Bubbles of any size. Best of all, when the bubbles pop, a burst of fog is released. 

Our Boo Bubbles experiment gets kids excited and shouting for more! You can incorporate this dry ice bubbles experiment into STEM classes to help children and students learn about the science of sublimation in a fun, hands-on way. It’s a unique, unforgettable dry ice experiment that will fascinate your eager scientists. Kids, whether at home or in the classroom, marvel when they see our Boo Bubbles dry ice transform from a solid into a gas before their eyes.

More Fun With Bubble Gloves

If you don’t want your awesome, dry ice bubbles to pop, you need the right pair of gloves. 

If you’ve ever tried to catch a bubble with your hands, you know that it’s most likely going to burst. That’s because the oil in your hands keeps you from being able to hold onto a bubble without it popping. With the special Bubble Gloves included in our Boo Bubbles Activity Kit, you’ll become a master bubble-ologist in no time at all — one who can hold and master dry ice Boo Bubbles with our special Bubble Gloves.

What Does Boo Bubbles Teach?

With this dry ice bubble maker, kids will be empowered to study the rate of reaction as they experiment with different water temperatures and learn about the factors that turn ordinary bubbles into super-bouncing, smoke-filled Boo Bubbles.

Steve Spangler Science
You may have seen Steve Spangler Science on the Ellen DeGeneres Show or during one of our traveling science shows, which have toured hundreds of elementary schools across the country. We’ve dedicated ourselves to inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers by providing them with exciting, hands-on science experiments that will keep them interested and engaged in their education. We’re putting the fun back into science one activity at a time. You can find more amazing STEM science kits like this one in our store.

Boo Bubbles

Dry Ice Bubbles You Can Hold:

Roll dry ice bubbles in your hands, bounce them off your sleeve and pop them to release a burst of fog. See how many Boo Bubbles you can hold at once.

Boo Bubbles

Giant Boo Bubbles

Cover a clean table surface with a thin layer of soap bubble solution and spread it around. Hold the nozzle of the dry ice bubble machine down and watch as your bubble gets bigger and bigger.

Boo Bubbles

Floating Ghost Bubbles
Have an adult place dry ice into a container of warm water and see what happens when Boo Bubbles drop into the foggy container. Discover whether they’ll float or sink. 

Boo Bubbles Activity Kit: What’s Included?

• Boo Bubble Generator
• Bubble Blower and tubing
• Bubble Gloves (color of gloves may vary)
• Bubble solution
• Mixing cup
• Hands-on science Activity Guide

*The Boo Bubbles Kit does not include dry ice. To purchase dry ice, contact your local grocery store. We recommend purchasing 5 pounds to experience all of the experiments contained in the Boo Bubbles Kit.

Boo Bubbles

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The dry ice would probably disappear into a gas before you had a chance to use it.

Inquire at your local grocery store at the customer service desk to see if they carry dry ice. Otherwise, search online for a local dry ice distributor. Watch Steve Spangler’s dry ice safety video for tips on how to travel with and safely store dry ice.

The water should only be warm. Using hot or boiling water will only result in a melted, deformed Boo Bubble Generator.

The amount of dry ice you use is up to you. The more you use, the more pressure the hose and nozzle will have. Too much pressure will result in Boo Bubbles bursting before you can really experience them. We suggest purchasing 5 pounds of dry ice from your local grocery store to conduct all of the suggested dry ice bubbles experiments.

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  1. jereme worthington


    jereme worthington

    its cool steven

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  2. Carolyn Florio

    Boo Bubbles were a hit!

    Carolyn Florio

    I made my own similar contraption out of a snapware container and tubing from our home beer brewing kit. Dry ice at our local grocery store only comes in a huge chunk, so we had plenty to "melt" all weekend!

    Tip: When I used it at my 6 yr old nephew's birthday party, I found it easiest to soap up the table and have the kids get their hands all soapy before 'catching' the bubbles. Much easier on a hot summer day than gloves! 🙂

    I love how this is an experiment they can safely touch – as a bonus, their hands were washed before cake and icecream!!

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