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  • Glitter Bug Lotion

Glitter Bug Lotion

Quick Overview

It's an amazing germ simulator - you won't believe your eyes! Hand washing is taken to a whole new level.


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Ever wondered if Mom knew what she was talking about when she told you to “wash your hands?” Wonder no more... Glitter Bug Lotion is sure to cure any doubt about the necessity of washing your hands. Squirt a little of the lotion on your hands and then wash your hands. Break out the black light and discover all the "germs" you missed. You won’t believe your eyes when you see everywhere Glitter Bug still resides! This germ simulator lotion reacts under the black light to show you where the Glitter Bug Lotion didn't get washed off. Recommended for children ages 6 and up. Each bottle contains enough lotion for over 200 uses.

What's Included?

  • 240 mL bottle of Glitter Bug Lotion

What Does It Teach?

Help children understand the importance of hand-washing and proper hand-washing technique. The specially formulated Glitter Bug Lotion appears under black light and shows areas where hands weren’t throughly washed and how rapidly germs can spread from one child to another. Glitter Bug Lotion is a must-have product for every classroom, home or even workplace!

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  1. I love the glitter bug lotion. review by Carolyn D. on 12/20/2013

    This is my first time using it and the children had a ball trying to wash their hands properly. We even shook hands with the principal and transferred lotion to her hands. I love using new products. We do a lot of science in my 2nd grade. I use a lot of science products at church and VBS too. My sister works with an after-school group and I've had her use some of the products you offer too. Thanks

  2. Kinder germ lesson review by Jenive on 4/16/2013

    Just a tip from my lesson. I used this lotion to show both how germs spread as well as how effectively we wash our hands.

    For the hand washing demo, it is best if you wash it off pretty quickly after application. For one lesson, I put it on at the beginning of the lab. By the end of the lab it had dried in and was more difficult to wash off than I wanted to demonstrate. (I didn't want the students thinking they need bleach and a surgical scrub kit.) After that I did it right before demonstrating the hand washing technique, and it worked perfect.

  3. So cool! review by Mrs. K. on 3/16/2013

    This lotion is great! I used it to teach with my student about germs and handwashing. They thought it was so neat to see their "germs" glowing on their hands!

  4. Germy Hands! review by allyssa lammers on 1/30/2013

    The kids loved this! It made them really think about all those germs on their hands. They have been washing them so much better now! This stuff was cool!

  5. Germ lesson review by JA on 1/4/2013

    The glitter bug lotion is GREAT!! The kids love it!!! Adults TOO!!

  6. Totally Cool! review by Latesha Van on 12/19/2012

    I used the Glitter Bug Lotion for something completely different! I hand a summer camp that was geared around THE Avatar: The Last Airbender tv show and I mixed the lotion with face paint to put arrow "TATTOOS" on them. The kids loved it because when the lights were out and the black lights were turned on THEIR ARROWS GLOWED LIKE THE AVATAR STATE!!!
    Incredibly Cool!!!

  7. GlitterBug Lotion review by phyllisendicottF4N6 on 11/6/2012

    Works great. The kids and I are washing our hands more thoroughly. I use it in my science class and cooking classes.

  8. So Much Fun!!! review by Tesha V on 10/26/2012

    At first, my kids just thought it was hilarious. They just wanted to touch everything, until they realized that it showed exactly how germs spread!!!! I couldn't get them out the bathroom! They were trying to wash themselves, their toys even help clean the house. FABULOUS PRODUCT!!! :-D

  9. Very fun! review by Emma on 9/1/2012

    I'm a 3rd grade girl that likes science. My dad is a doctor, so... I know how important it is to wash my hands. the glitterbug lotion makes learning about washing hands fun!

  10. Great Project review by Rachel on 7/15/2012

    I used this lotion in combination with the hand held blacklight to teach my Kindergarten through Fifth grade children about proper handwashing techniques. It really showed the kids the places that they miss when they rush to wash their hands. The only thing that confused the younger kids was trying to get them to understand that germs don't really glow under a blacklight and that the lotion wasn't really made of germs.

  11. Glowing Germs review by Kelli Higgins on 5/21/2012

    This was a great way to introduce our "Germ" unit! The Glitter Bug lotion glows under a black light. It really highlights areas on our hands where germs collect. Even after washing their hands the students were amazed at how many "germs" still remained. Now we're off to collect germ samples in Petri dishes!

  12. GLITTER BUG review by Julie on 4/18/2012

    I gave my nephew a Mad Science 9th birthday party. We used the Glitter Bug before we entered the "lab" to do our experiments. I explained that a scientist needs to have really clean hands before conducting his experiments. The boys really liked this and thought the black light was cool.

  13. Glitter Bug Lotion review by Rhonda Robinson on 3/4/2012

    I ordered this thinking it would be neat but was hesitant it might not work well. It was AWESOME! It's amazing how dirty ones hands can get and be able to see how well we wash. Just one bottle was plenty for a science event I did with over 100 in attendance.

  14. Glitter bug lotion - big hit review by Catherine on 2/17/2012

    Seems just like regular lotion. I rubbed a little on the kids faces too (just a little at first to make sure no reactions). Turned the black light on and got great results. Kids loved it. Mom thought it was pretty entertaining too.

  15. Best thing for kid participation ever! review by Jenny Brown on 12/22/2011

    We gave everyone in Children's Church a squirt of this in their hands and let them go around the room "painting with light." They left fingerprints everywhere and when we turned on the black light, there was a universe of stars all over the room. SO COOL! And after all that, the bottle of lotion isn't even half empty!

  16. Glitterbug Lotion was a big hit in 3rd grade review by Bill Brooks on 12/10/2011

    This may have been the kids favorite experiment all year.
    We put some of the lotion on each 3rd grade teachers hands first thing in the morning, then came back at 1pm. As the Science Dads we dressed the part, lab coats, goggles, gloves, and even respirators. We told the kids we needed to inspect the third grade pod for the spread of germs. We used a 24" black light and found traces on the teachers hands, rings, pants, and transfers to some of the kids hands, and a few spots around the room, coffee mug, computer, etc. Then we put the lotion on the kids hands to 'remove' any residual germs. Then we showed them their hands in the black light, oops, you have germs. After 3 or 4 hand washings we got most of it off. Then we reviewed a quiz about handwashing that we pulled from the Costco Magazine website.
    The only suggestion I have is to do this near the beginning of the school year for better hand washing all year. And if you are short on time, only use two volunteers to demonstrate the handwashing challenge.

  17. Perfect for CSI Unit review by Rebecca on 10/26/2011

    I teach Sunday School and this was perfect for our "CSI Jerusalem" unit. The kids washed their hands before class and put on my special lotion. After 30 minutes of classtime we went into our special black light room and discussed how CSI investigators use chemicals and black lights to find DNA and other evidence. I asked them if their hands were still clean. They assured me they were. The regular lights went off and the black lights went on. The kids were astonished how many germs were on their hands just by touching everyday items. The Glitter Bug Lotion even identified the kids who had rubbed their nose! The Biblical analogy is that we look on the outside of a person and we don't see sin but God can see it and still loves us and offers forgiveness.

  18. Great idea for my kid's teacher review by Brett Adams on 10/4/2011

    This would be a great experiment for my kid's teacher to do in class since everything that comes home now day is talking about the spread of the Swine Flu. Good way for kids to see how germs are easily spread.

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