First Days of School

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  • Back to school activities to create an unforgettable experience
  • Show the power of air with Bernoulli’s Windbag demonstration
  • Introduce chemistry with superabsorbing polymers
  • Take science outside and harness the power of the sun with UV Beads

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Back to School Bundle  – Raise your hand if your ready for the first day of school!  We’ve got the perfect classroom bundle for you. With each science kit, we bring the fun and discovery of learning right to your classroom! What does it teach, you ask? Inflate balloons using only a single breath of air as your students learn about Bernoulli’s principle and the properties of air pressure. Turn a liquid into a solid with a snap of a finger, and show the power of the sun as the students build UV color-changing bead bracelets. Also, create a powerful lesson in hydrogels… the superabsorbent polymers that are saving the environment. Learn More and Buy Now

  • Insta-Snow PowderInsta-Snow Powder

    Insta-Snow® Powder – Fake Snow

  • Magic SandMagic Sand

    Magic Sand

  • String Slime™ Classroom KitString Slime™ Classroom Kit

    Color-Changing Heat Sensitive String Slime™

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