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  • Color Changing Beads Color Packs

Color Changing UV Beads Color Packs

Quick Overview

Amazing UV Sensitive Beads Now in Individual Colors
Product Name Price Qty
Approx. 500-pack of Red Beads
Approx. 500-pack of Blue Beads
Approx. 500-pack of Orange Beads
Approx. 500-pack of Purple Beads
Approx. 500-pack of Yellow Beads
Approx. 500-pack of UV Green Beads

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Looking for our Color Changing UV Beads in the perfect colors for your school or special event? We have exactly what you need! Our always popular Energy Beads are now available in approximately 500-packs of individual colors. Mix and match your favorite colors of beads for a vibrant show when you take them outside. Your beads will come individually packaged and labeled so there will never be confusion over what color beads you have before they change color. Make bracelets and necklaces, test the effectiveness of sunscreen, or experiment with color while you learn about the power of sunlight. This top selling product just got better! Recommended for children ages 6 and up.

What's Included?

Color Changing UV Beads Color Packs come with:
  • Approx. 500 UV Beads in your choice of 6 colors
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Orange
    • Purple
    • Red
    • Yellow
  • Full-color activity guide

How Does It Work?

Don't blink your eyes because our color-changing beads are formulated to make the beads more reactive to the sun and the colors more vibrant. The UV-reactive pigment in the beads keeps the beads from permanently discoloring and speeds up the time it takes for the beads to change back to their original white color. The pigment in the beads makes them only reactive to UV light, like the rays emitted from the sun. The energy beads are not affected by light from light bulbs that do not emit ultraviolet light. The beads will remain white indoors, when shielded from sunlight.

What Does It Teach?

Use the beads to teach kids about the ultraviolet radiation and the care that needs to be taken to prevent the damage it may cause. Ultraviolet (UV) light is the invisible radiation that will give you a sunburn and injure your eyes if you're not careful. Sunglasses and sunscreens absorb UV photons. You can test their protective qualities by using your UV detecting beads.

Additional Information

Product FAQ
  • What  are the dimensions of an energy bead?
    Each energy bead is approximately 6mm x 9mm and the hole size is approximately 4mm.
  • Do the beads fade over time?
    After we left the beads out for the entire day and brought them inside, they returned to white.
  • How long do the beads last?
    We still have some of the original batch from a couple of years ago that are still going strong.

Warning - Choking Hazard

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  1. Fabulous ! review by Patricia on 6/19/2015

    I live in France and everytime i show those beads, kids go crazy ! They think it's magic. Great product, thank you ! :)

  2. High Quality! review by Thelma on 4/16/2013

    I wanted to let you guys know that I've bought UV beads from you in the past that were awesome; however, I tried to save money and bought some from "educational innovations," last time, instead, and they were of much poorer quality. I'm sticking to Steve Spangler in the future for UV beads for my students, for sure! Thank You!

  3. UV beads review by Linda Bolyard on 3/22/2013

    This order was a restocking! I have a class on 19 7th graders and I use the UV beads as an activity when we talk about the UV being blocked by the ozone but that some still comes through. This year, I had the chance to treat some beads with sunscreen before we went outside. It was a "hurried" coating but it prevented some of them from turning and others turned very slowly. A most successful and enjoyable activity for my class. Love the fact that you now have all the spectrum colors!!

  4. Great review by steve on 3/15/2013

    We had a Harry Potter party for our kids and their buddies. We used the blue and orange beads to make necklaces that the kids reached inside the magic hat and picked out a necklace and then went outside to see which team they were on for the Quiddige match. They were absolutely amazed! All were so excited to show their parents when they got home.

  5. Love them review by Joy on 2/1/2013

    I did not see the rainbow package on line when ordering. However, the kids love them.

  6. UV Beads review by Dawn Hardy on 1/4/2013

    We used the yellow and blue beads for making ten facts. Each student put 10 beads on a bracelet then we went outside to see what 10 fact they had. Then we made a human picture graph of the results. Great fun!

  7. Great to show what sunscreen does! review by Brittany on 11/18/2012

    We separated the beads into 3 bags. First, we showed what happens to the beads when they come out into the sun. Then, in one bag, we had chidren apply new spray-on sunscreen to the beads and hide them from the sun. When we brought them back out less than 30 seconds later, they didn't change! The sun screen protected them! With the 3rd back we did the same as the second, but we used a year old spray-on sunscreen was an interesting outcome! Based on what we saw, I will be purchasing a new bottle of sunscreen each year!!!

  8. Awsome lesson! review by D. Elder on 10/5/2012

    My after school students and teachers were intrigued by the beads. We tested UV protection in sunglasses and they were surprized to see the results. Everyone had fun!

  9. Great Product review by Jane on 9/9/2012

    It was like magic before my very eyes. Worked perfectly. Not sure what the other person from Texas was talking about.

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