Backyard Fun Bundle

Great stocking stuffers! Save when bundling our backyard favorites!

  • Buy TWO get ONE FREE
    • UV Color Changing Beads (250 ct)- $9.99
    • 2 Solar Bag (25 ft) – $16.99
    • Geyser Tube® – $5.99 FREE
  • Hands-on science activity guides included

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UV Color Changing Beads


Become a UV detective when these seemingly white beads are taken outside to reveal their true colors! Sensitive enough to even work on overcast days.

Quantity 250
Quantity 1000
Quantity 2500

Solar Bag


Fill our Solar Bag with air & harness the power of the sun as it heats the air inside the bag until lift-off! Bags are lightweight, easy to fill & reusable!


Geyser Tube®


Steve's famous Mentos Geyser Tube erupts soda that can go 30 feet into the air! Comes with 3 additional caps to change the eruption shape.