Spangler Salutes Teri Romshek

Our Mad About Science search takes us to Windsor, Colorado.

Our Mad About Science search for amazing teachers takes us toWindsor, Colorado, where students are eager to tell us about theirteacher who makes science fun. In fact, Teri Romshek was nominatedby one of her past students who shared this with us… “Wecall Mrs. Romshek ‘The Amazing Romshek’ because she’san amazing teacher. She made every subject a blast even though herbest subject is Science. She has a great way of making learningfun.” 9NEWS salutes Teri Romshek.


We asked Mrs. Romshek about her title, ‘The Amazing Romshek’, and she said, “I don’t know where over the past 20 years the nickname came from but it has stuck with me. It must be from the way I start out my science lessons with an amazing science “trick.” It jump-starts the kids’ thinking, “I wonder how she did that?” Then they are hooked. They know they will get their hands on items that will lead them to discover the science concept behind what we are experiencing. I tell them they are Amazing Juniors in training and it all starts with, I wonder…”

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