4th of July - Fireworks

4th of July Science

Looking to create some oohhs and ahhs on the Fourth... you've come to the right place!

From your backyard barbecue to the evening fireworks display, bring a little summer science into your 4th of July festivities. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most explosive, colorful, and sparkling experiments to do on the Fourth. Pick your favorites, grab a few materials and have some fun. Happy 4th of July from Steve Spangler Science.

Experiment Materials

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4th of July Bundle


4th of July Bundle

Fourth of July activities, ideas, and demonstrations that incorporate hands-on science to help you make the most out of Independence Day, fireworks, and fun with friends and family.


Dry Ice Smoke Rings

These cool Mini Smoke Ring Launchers use items you will find in your kitchen and local grocery store (dry ice). You’ll be launching rings like a pro in no time.


Mentos Super Soda Dispenser 3000

Use the power of Mentos and Diet Coke to fill 6 drinking cups at once. It’s a fun, creative, hands-on way to utilize our epic Mentos Geyser for your drinking pleasure. It’s so great that you’ll be able to serve up soda to 6 people at one time!

Firework Glasses


Fireworks Rainbow Glasses

When the fireworks start, pull out your Fireworks Rainbow Glasses to see the display in a whole new way. You’ll never want to watch another fireworks display with your naked eye again.


Color Changing UV Beads

Test the power of your sunscreen, or just monitor the intensity of the sun, with a red, white, and blue UV Bead bracelet. Purchase a packet of red UV beads and string them on blue cord. The sun sensitive beads start out white inside the house, then turn red in the sunlight. Get it? Red, white and blue for the Fourth.


Smoke Bomb Smoke Rings

The trash can smoke ring generator is a signature finale in Steve Spangler’s stage show and was featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Everyone always wants to know how to make Steve’s classic giant smoke rings… now you can make them at home with a special 4th of July twist!

4th of July - eBook


4th of July Experiment eBook – Instant Download!

The 4th of July Experiment eBook is a ton of fun, but it does much more than entertain. It educates! The included activities showcase the amazing atmosphere of Independence Day like fireworks, the American Flag, and barbecuing while mixing in scientific principles that are engaging and simple.

Red, White, and Blue Geysers


Red, White, and Blue Soda Geysers

We can’t think of a better way to kick off your family BBQ than by shooting Red, White and Blue Soda Geysers using a Geyser Tube, Mentos, 3 bottles of Diet Sprite or any other clear soda.

First, color two of the sodas using red and blue food coloring. Strawberry soda and blue Mountain Dew Voltage also work. Then, drop the Mentos in for your own daytime fireworks show. We know you will love these Mentos Geysers with a patriotic twist!

White Lightning Stick


White Lightning Stick

At dusk is when the real fun begins. It is your own hand-held light show. Use it to teach the effects of color mixing or just entertain your friends and family while you’re waiting for the fireworks show to start.

4th of July - Fireworks


The Science Behind Fireworks

Fireworks are as much a part of the Fourth of July as hot dogs, watermelon and red, white and blue. How do they get those brilliant colors, sparkling trails and heart shapes? There’s a science to creating the perfect firework display.


Red, White and Blue Layered Density Drinks

This red, white and blue drink recipe uses a little science to delicately stack different drinks on top of each other. Your guests will think it’s magic, you will know it’s really science at work.

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