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Blast Back to School with End of Summer Fun!

As the long lazy summer days begin to dwindle and the new school year fast approaches,  it’s a rush to pack in all of your summer fun.

End Summer with a Blast - Rocket Science from Steve Spangler Science

Wait a minute.., do I see you moping?  That is no way to enjoy the last few days of vacation time. Turn that frown upside down and blast back to school with end of summer fun! Not sure what to do to put some pep back into your summer? Why not let your friends at Steve Spangler Science help you find some fun experiments and activities to pull you out of your end of summer doldrums? Here are some great ideas to take away those end of summer blues:

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Want more instant ideas?  Try downloading one of our digital experiment guides!

That’s right, now you’re excited!  So go ahead, get that brain of yours back in gear with super fun, end of summer experiments from Steve Spangler Science!

Have more ideas for end of summer fun? Share them with us by leaving a comment below!


Joy Gintzler's Bio

Bio: Joy Gintzler is a jack of all trades.  Currently a Customer Service Guru and Blogger for Steve Spangler Science.    She mixes cereal without remorse and loves engaging with customers, especially when helping plan events. 




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