Steve Makes His 12th Appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

Steve makes his 12th appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show as Ellen’s Science Guy. The show airs today, so check local listings for exact times (it airs at 3pm in Denver on Channel 9) or click the link below to watch a sneak preview of the segment on the Ellen Show’s website.

Steve showed Ellen how to release the sugar energy in gummy bear candy (you will be surprised at how much energy there is in a gummy bear). He also demonstrated the clean burning power of ethanol and then turned an audience member into a human conductor of electricity.

Ellen helped Steve celebrate the launch of his second book, Fire Bubbles and Exploding Toothpaste. Ellen encouraged Steve to share his experiments in a book and she appears in it. She gave each audience member a copy of the book. The Ellen DeGeneres Show is giving away a copy of Steve’s book – visit their website to enter the Fire Bubbles and Exploding Toothpaste giveaway.


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  1. Myrna Allen
    Myrna Allen says:

    My grandchildren (6&7) and I are bursting with excitement over this news. I was about to say that we can’t wait to catch the show on TV, when I suddenly realized (remembered) that members of my immediate family work at WB studios w/ ties to the Ellen D. Show and I’ve got a great chance to see it live. AWESOME! By accident,I discovered SSS in Oct. and quickly became addicted. The addiction spread to my grandchildren and then to their teachers. We love the chemistry between Steve and Ellen. Steve and Ellen make a great comedic team. LOVE the way he taunts her with his science humor. LOVE the Ellen D. Show’s budget that allows Steve to make “Science Fun and Loud”!

    • Susan Wells
      Susan Wells says:

      Myrna Allen – We are so glad you found us. Love that it has spread to your grandchildren and teachers. Science is infectious and fun. It’s great to see young budding scientists.


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