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Happy Halloween with Self-Carving Exploding Pumpkins

We at Steve Spangler Science have demonstrated Exploding Pumpkins for over 15 years. This year, we tried experimenting with small and large pumpkins to see which one would produce the biggest bang and test our timing skills. With the help of the morning and afternoon 9News anchors, we carved a few jack-o-lanterns to celebrate Halloween. You decide – in which segment did we do our best carving work?

Editor’s NoteThis experiment was presented for educational and demonstration purposes only.  We DO NOT recommend trying this experiment in the classroom or at home unless you have had proper training. Do NOT do this at home. 

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  1. Bob Morrill
    Bob Morrill says:

    Gee maybe you are showing kids how to make dry ice bombs, like the ones used in LAX.

    Great job, you ay want to take this stuff on dry ice off your website.

    • Susan Wells
      Susan Wells says:

      Hi Bob. Thank you for your comments. Science safety is our utmost concern, especially with children or those inexperienced with chemistry and this type of demonstration. We do not explain how to perform it or the materials needed. Instead, we share it as a demonstration of the power of chemistry.


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