It's Never Too Early to Start Teaching & Learning – Floating Balls & Toilet Paper

I had a very special guest join me on my weekly television science segment this week. Anchorman Mark Koebrich took a break from his vacation and brought his 3-year-old grandson Jack to do a little science.

It’s never too early to start teaching tiny ones. Early childhood is the perfect time to start introducing science, learning and exploration. This is why teachers teach – to see the wonder and excitement that lights up children’s eyes when they get to experience learning firsthand. Jack was very shy and would only whisper his responses to my questions. We began with floating ping pong balls, moved up to balloons and then graduated to a beach ball. Jack’s eyes lit up bigger and bigger with each ball. We did the grand finale by blowing air under a toilet paper roll and shooting toilet paper out and over our heads.

Jack can now go back to Papa and Nana’s house with a few new tricks to try on them.

For more information on Floating Balls and Toilet Paper, read the experiment.

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