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What's That in the Sky? Is it a Bird or a Plane? Nah, It's Science!

If you were at Weather and Science Day last week, you saw our giant flying sausages, the Solar Bags. Solar Bags are 50 feet long and are made from a very thin plastic. When inflated, the black plastic heats the air up inside the Solar Bag.…

Weather and Science Day with 9News, Steve Spangler Science and the Colorado Rockies Reaches All Time High

Our annual Weather and Science Day reached a new height this year with the launch of a weather balloon during the event. The weather balloon was launched with help from The Edge of Space. During it's flight, it reached the edge of space at a…

It's Never Too Early to Start Teaching & Learning – Floating Balls & Toilet Paper

I had a very special guest join me on my weekly television science segment this week. Anchorman Mark Koebrich took a break from his vacation and brought his 3-year-old grandson Jack to do a little science. It's never too early to start teaching…