Take the Kids Outside for the Great American Backyard Campout

Great American Backyard CampoutPack the tent, the cooler and the bug spray and take the kids out for the Great American Backyard Campout on June 26th.

The campout, in its fifth year, is sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation. The location of your campsite isn’t as important as the family time spent connecting and enjoying the great outdoors. Camp in your backyard or at a campground. There are also official campgrounds where the campout is being held.

The event is to encourage family togetherness and a reconnecting with nature. Today’s kids spend twice as much time indoors than their parents did. They are unaware of their disconnection with nature. Playing with fireflies and bugs, watching frogs, listening to the sounds of nature and exploring the great outdoors is essential to engage children in the world around them. Engaged kids ask more questions and jump into learning whether they realize it or not.

You can either join the campout unofficially on your own, or you can register at their website. Registration is free, but they do encourage all campers to fundraise to support the NWF. The official website also has camping tips, stories, songs, recipes, games and more to help the very experienced to novice camper.

So pack ’em up and head them out to nature, science and the great outdoors.

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  1. Shona
    Shona says:

    I think that this is such a great idea. In the age of technology children are not getting outside as much. Even though game simulations mimic outdoor experiences, they don’t add up. Being outside allows students to experience nature through all of their senses and question the world around them. Even if parents can’t make it to the official event just going out to the local park or a walk around the block can still be beneficial.

  2. John Kamman
    John Kamman says:

    I’m glad to see the Great American Backyard Campout gaining ground. Thanks for supporting the cause! Nothing could be more important than getting kids, students (and adults!) outside to reconnect with nature. I work with a nonprofit, Ecology Project International (ecologyproject.org) that focuses on getting students outside, in the field, to learn science and conservation through hands-on data collection. Nothing could be more rewarding than these experiences. Keep up the great posting!


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