Teachers Make Math & Science Night Memorable

Delia Zepeda, a teacher at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Day School in Coconut Grove, Florida made science fun at the school’s Family Math, Science and Technology Night in January.

The school celebrated its third year of getting kindergarten to third graders excited about science, math and technology.

They used slime, Baby Soda Bottle Test Tubes, Geyser Tubes, Windbags and magnets from SteveSpanglerScience.com. A favorite was the One Breath Windbags.

Mrs. Zepeda shared their experience with all of us at Steve Spangler Science, “the wind bags were a big hit. We had so much fun watching the parents trying to blow them up the wrong way, we finally felt sorry for them and our student volunteers showed them the correct method.”

The students also enjoyed getting splashed by Mentos and Diet Coke geysers.

Mrs. Zepeda, along with Mr. Jacomino and Mrs. Tappert at the school held the event. The teachers did such a good job, the students rank Math and Science night right up there with Field Day, “My students are still stopping me and saying thank you for the best day at school. Our students came away loving science and math again.”

The teachers are now rock stars to the students and parents. Here are a few comments from parents  –

“AMAZING math and Science night! Thank you so much for the wonderful evening. My kids were in heaven. Aiden said it was “the best day ever at school”. These things are a very big deal to them and they will never forget the experiences”.

“At one point in the evening, I remember being stuck in a corner because there was no space to walk!  I don’t know about you but my favorite station was the frog slime…lol”

“All of the credit though, has to be given to Mrs. Zepeda and Mrs. Tappert for organizing such a great event every year.  Thank you both for putting together such a wonderful experience for our kids!”

“These two ladies are AMAZING!!!!  What a privilege it is for our students to benefit from their PASSION!!!

Congratulations to all three teachers for making science an experience the students and parents will remember.

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