Carnival Cruise Documents Have Arrived

Hello everyone! For those of you that elected to have paper documents, I just received them today from Carnival. Keep an eye out for them to show up in your mail box in the next week. If you asked for electronic documents when you filled out your FunPass, then I will not be sending anything to you and you need to make sure you print off your documents from the website. The people with electronic documents are Cavett, Elmendorf, Lovelace, Kemmler, Hendren, Schaflein, Lazar, Biegel, Zinnen, and Bekkers. The most important part is to have Carnival luggage tags and your Carnival boarding pass printed from the FunPass Check In. After you received your paper documents, please look them over and let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Kathryn Glisson
    Kathryn Glisson says:

    Last year for “Science in the Rockies”, as part of our payment, we recieved lots of goodies to take home after the seminar. Will we be taking home lots of goodies this year for “Science at Sea” as well. One can only hope…!!

  2. Steve Spangler
    Steve Spangler says:

    Kathryn – We’re really excited about Science at Sea… it’s just around the corner. Science in the Rockies is a very different experience from Science at Sea in terms of materials and supplies that are included in the workshop. The workshop fee for Science at Sea covers the cost of all of your shore excursions in addition to the instruction and content provided by our private Alaskan naturalist. There are a few other surprises that we’ll let you discover during the trip. Can’t wait to see you in Anchorage when we meet up next Tuesday night.


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