Glowing Pumpkins for Martha Stewart

picture-5.pngMove over all of you TV science guys… there’s a new science person hitting the airwaves (even if it’s just for a day). A producer from the Martha Stewart Television Show called to let us know that Martha (Ms. Stewart?) likes one of our science products and wants to use it on an upcoming episode of her show. The product creating the buzz (or is that glow) is called Glow Powder, a special powder that absorbs light energy and glows an eerie green color when the lights go off. The glowing pumpkins segment is scheduled to air on October 26th.

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  1. Terri Perez
    Terri Perez says:

    I am a teacher from Mexico working in a bilingual school planning this year’s science fair. Browsing thru the web I found your place and you are amazing, it makes science fun. If you ever give a workshop in Mexico, specially in Monterrey I am sure i’ll be on the front row.
    Thanks for sharing your expertise with us teachers.

  2. Karen Lee Samson
    Karen Lee Samson says:

    Sounds wonderful My SVE autistic and Emotionally challenged students would love this type of experiment. Greetings from South F;orida!

  3. Sherry Murray
    Sherry Murray says:

    Where can we purchase the LED Lights to put in our Pumkins instead of Candles. Steve you are very cool. Keep up the good work. Your Legacy will live on with your boys hopefully. Good Job.

    The Murray Family

  4. Jan Lenon
    Jan Lenon says:

    Trying to understand the directions on pulling the tablecloth out. You say to concentrate on pulling it down with both hands and you also say to pull parallel to the table top. Those seem to be opposite directions. When you say start with the cloth 2 feet from the edge, do you mean the near or far edge? What if table is only 24 or 36″ across? Does that mean the cloth only covers inches (for the 24″ table) or only covers 1foot of the 36″ table. Here at school, everything I have is only 24″ wide. But the student’s tables are 30″ wide.

  5. aslam gill
    aslam gill says:

    it is marvellous and exciting.how can i volunteer myself to assist you to do such amazing things to enhance my skills and knowledge.

  6. Jane
    Jane says:

    I wanted to see the spot you had on the pumpkins that were sent to you from Illinois.
    I was interested in seeing all of the types and hearing about them again. This was a show last year.


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