Students Learn Mom Was Right – Wash Your Hands

Petri Wilder ElemThe students at Wilder Elementary in Littleton, Colorado proved that Mom is right, “Wash your hands with soap and warm water!”? The third grade class did an experiment using Petri dishes prepared with agar (a seaweed derivative). Agar is an ideal “food”? source for the bacteria. The students collected samples around the school including on top of the tissue box, door knobs and more. You won’t believe what they found growing in the common areas that we all touch. They also tested how well common cleaners eliminated the bacteria.

The students also learned how to properly handle the growing bacteria. Always seal the Petri dishes and throw them away when you are done. The teachers had the students take pictures of the dishes, so they could refer back to their findings, without having to store bacteria that can make them sick.

Watch the Video to see what they found

Read more about how to do your own experiment with nutrient agar.

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  1. Dana
    Dana says:

    Awesome experiment. I love your website & your easy to follow experiments. We’ve used your insta-snow at a Girl Scout function and the girls LOVED it. They thought they were big time making snow on a 90 degree day. Keep up the great work.

  2. Priscilla Prather
    Priscilla Prather says:

    This is a GREAT experiment! I love Science when it is experiential and explained with passion and enthusiasm… you’ve done just that!

    Our Science Coordinator at the San Antonio Children’s Museum is a huge fan of yours and uses many of your products when she is teaching. Destiny is one of the best Science teachers I’ve ever seen, too!

    This experiment and the supplies you have offered (along with your great helps!)have been AWESOME, as I’ve helped my daughter and her partner prepare and execute their Science project. Thanks for the GREAT site and the wonderful resources.

    Priscilla Prather
    School & Groups Coordinator/Early Childhood Programming
    SA Children’s Museum and….. mom!


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