Halloween Science Kit – Brew up a potion for learning and fun

I’m not sure if Halloween was better for me as a kid or right now as an adult… but it’s no secret that I make the most out of every Halloween. As a holiday, Halloween has changed so much over the years. I never remember my parents being invited to an “adult�? Halloween party, but now these parties are more popular than ever. When my family and I arrived at a neighbor’s Halloween party last year, we were greeted by ghosts and goblins on the driveway who lead us through an awesome maze, into their hanunted house on our way into the party. The whole garage had been transformed into a full-blown haunted mansion! Yes, Halloween has changed over the years and this is part of the inspiration behind a our Halloween Science Kit.

As a teacher, I could hardly wait for the first of October to roll around so I could start planning my Halloween Science demos and activities for my students. Every year my Halloween Science unit grew… and so did the storage space I needed to keep everything. Beakers, graduated cylinders, cauldrons, static electricity machine, growing body parts… you name it and we probably have it in storage. I also found this addiction to be quite contagious. It didn’t take long to get my fellow teachers hooked on the idea of using this “crazy�? time of the year to actually teach some cool science. Every year my fellow teachers and I would add new demos and activities until we were bursting at the seams with a great Halloween Science unit.

We’re very proud of our Halloween Science Kit. It’s filled with lots of great science and the fun-factor is at an all-time high. Take a look and tell me what else you would have added from your collection of eerie science favorites.

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