Halloween Science demos


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Favorite Halloween Science Demos

I remember a time when Halloween was nothing more than dressing up and running from house to house in search of the greatest candy bars. Fast-forward to 2008 and Halloween is a big deal... elaborate costumes, parties galore and merchandising…

Halloween Science Kit – Brew up a potion for learning and fun

I'm not sure if Halloween was better for me as a kid or right now as an adult... but it's no secret that I make the most out of every Halloween. As a holiday, Halloween has changed so much over the years. I never remember my parents being invited…
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Mad About Science Week – Wally Keesecker

Our week-long salute to amazing science teachers wraps up with a visit to Heritage High School in Littleton, Colorado, where chemistry teacher Wally Keesecker gets students fired up about science. Wally is well-known for his attention-grabbing…