Borger Teachers in Knots Over Science

Borger, Texas is a stone’s throw from Amarillo… where the people are friendly and the teachers are mad about science (crazy, that is). Jackie Marshall and Tana Stephens invited me to share some strategies and best practices for integrating more hands-on science into the elementary curriculum. What does that mean? In a nutshell, it means doing lots of science that gets students to think. It means playing with concoctions that ooze, bubble, fizz and erupt. It means making predictions, observations and discoveries. It also means learning how to fail, how to be honest with your observations and how to learn from your discoveries.

Best of luck to all of the early childhood and elementary teachers in the Borger ISD. Shake those cans of soda, drop those Mentos in the Diet Coke and inspire children to wonder, discover and explore.

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  1. Chlo Burris
    Chlo Burris says:

    The workshop was a ‘BLAST” in every way possible!! It was a wonderful way to start the year and I’m looking forward to sharing the fun with my fourth graders this year.

  2. Peggy Harris
    Peggy Harris says:

    Thank you for coming to small town Borger. The workshop was fun and exciting, truly motivating as a teacher. I can’t wait to start the year with my 4 year olds and let them make their own discoveries. They are never too young to develop a love for science.

  3. David Bradley Science Writer
    David Bradley Science Writer says:

    My almost 12 year old son has really taken to the web in recent months, finding all kinds of stuff, most of it so far has been virtual entertainment (youtube, etc). I can’t wait till he finds you guys and starts asking for “spare” bottles of cola with which to play…

  4. Steve
    Steve says:

    Chlo, Peggy and David – Thanks so much for attending the workshop and sharing your enthusiasm for teaching science. Hope it’s a fantastic year.


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