Kids Love Gross Toys

Toys have changed a lot over the years. From jacks and puzzles to handheld computers and robots. But this year, a new category of educational toy has kids screaming with ooohs & ahhhs! Gross is in… and I’m is having the time of my life.

Watch the Video

Here are a few of the items shown on the video.

Gross Soap – Gross out your mom and dad! Turn tub time into bug time when you make 8 soaps with spiders, roaches, and lizards inside. Comes with everything you need: glycerin bars in 4 colors, plastic critters, mold, even gift wrap for gag gifts.

YUCK – From the specimen jar to the secret formulas for making realistic looking snot, bar and slime, this science kit has kids screaming.

OWL PUKE – Owl Puke will fascinate kids with the 64-page book that includes (here’s the yuck part) a real owl pellet (heat steralized), a tray to hold the bones, kids will discover inside it, and a chart to help identify the other contents.

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