Stop Squeezing My Science

When I asked elementary teachers what would be the best way to teach science, the teachers responded with a no-nonsense approach. “Give us easy science activities that help our students build critical thinking skills… to use the scientific method… and are so engaging that kids want to learn more on their own.”The days of trying to squeeze science in at the last minute are over. We need to stop squeezing and start integrating science with other areas of the curriculum.

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Here are a few articles that illustrate the need for better teaching of real science in today’s classrooms…
Bad News for Elementary Teachers

Stop Squeezing My Science

You Might Be Teaching the Wrong Thing

A Wake-up Call to Parents

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  1. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    I am interested in strategies for effective classroom management. I am keeping track of Time on Task during two third grade science classes (approx. 55 minutes total).
    Any suggestions?


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