International Toy Fair open to all – yes, even teachers

If you are ever in New York in February you have to visit the International Toy Fair. It’s a kind of convention where the latest and greatest toys are rolled out for buyers across the world to stock their shelves. It’s a wonderful experience and anybody can go. As a teacher, it is particularly interesting to see ideas come to life, many of which are science creations that come from simple experiences you and I teach in our classrooms.

You will find around 2500 vendors there. In a couple of rows on the left hand side are the first timers. People who have never been to a Toy Fair before, who have mortgaged the house, made prototypes, and are ready to show the world their inventions. It is amazing to discover how many of these toys are born from the simple concepts that kids are learning in school.

So head over to New York and be amazed at the learning experiences there. You won’t be able to buy anything but you’ll probably head to H & R Schwartz and load that spare suitcase you brought with you with the latest and greatest toys to take home.

Listen to my podcast on the International Toy Fair

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