Education science toys – from idea to sales and everything in between

People are sometimes confused to walk through a toy store and see this kit designed by Steve Spangler Science under the brand name Be Amazing Toys. How come a science teacher is doing this? It is all because a group of science teachers got together to create educational science toys and put them into stores.

To get a science toy from an idea on to the shelf is an incredible process. From concept to shelf can take 12-18 months. First, the buyers have to like it. The product may have to be changed. Testing has to be done. Unfortunately, you sometimes end up with a watered down version of the original.

Our catalog company, Steve Spangler Science, gave us the opportunity to put our toys in the hands of teachers within a matter of weeks. It is how we were able to formulate a product called Pearl Swirl. Teachers wanted to be able to colour water so they could put it over a heat source. Others were retailing similar products for about $15-$20 for a litre, but we found an ingenious way to create this product called Pearl Swirl for $4.95 for four gallons of material.

Instead of taking 12-18 months to get to market, the feedback we got from teachers enabled us to change the structure and create a product that truly provides value for them in their classrooms.

Listen to my podcast on education science toys — idea to sales and everything in between

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