R U TXTing?

The phenomenon of TXTing on cell phones amongst the younger generation has really taken off. It’s transforming how kids interact with peers. In many instances they opt for the impersonal virtual communication versus in-person one-on-one communication, even when they are in close vicinity with each other. That can’t be a good thing. I recently heard a story about how a teenager used TXTing to invite a few of her friends to a party at her house when her parents were out of town. Unfortunately some of those friends used the broadcast capability of their cell phones to forward on the invitation to other kids, who then forwarded it on to their friends, and so on. Imagine the shock and horror of this girl when mobs of teenagers she’s never met pour into her house and commence with trashing her home. The poor kid!

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  1. Mobiltelefoner
    Mobiltelefoner says:

    Here in Denmark, people are sending more than 2000 messages a year in average. I probably send around 200, so there must be people around that send thousands each and every month.


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