Reality Shows – bad for young minds

I’m getting sick of this trend of pumping out more and more vapid reality shows. It’s really gone downhill. It all started with American Idol. Now our children consume daily doses of Extreme Makeover where they get to feel bad about their bodies in their natural state, to A Simple Life where Paris Hilton and her pal do the most inane things, to The Apprentice where Donald Trump goes around spouting “You’re fired!” whenever he wants like an angry child, to Big Brother where we can spy on the male housemates drooling over a hottie who unbeknownst to them is a transexual. What’s next? Now we’re on to wife swapping and husband swapping on Trading Spouses. Will someone please kill this category of fast food TV before our minds turn to mush? We’ve turned into a voyeur society, and it’s contagious — our kids are catching it. Even the little ones. Not good.

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  1. Jesus Follower
    Jesus Follower says:

    Yes i agree,like our society today is getting worse by the minute with all this junk that is showing on tv and on magazines, what is this world coming to?have people lost respect on what kids are looking at these days.


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