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Indonesia Science ClubOne of the great parts of my job is opening my email to find kids around the world doing science. Harry Lee, an 11 year old scientist from the Science Club in Indonesia, sent me a picture of their science club in action. “Here are the pictures from the latest club session… I’m the guy in the dirty lab coat and my sister Alexandra is the one in the orange shirt. We were experimenting with chemical reactions, including demos from your website.” Harry emailed me with one request… “Keep posting more science experiments to give the members of our science club fun things to do.” If these kids are 11 years old, we can expect some great things from Indonesia in the coming years.

Harry, be sure to check out the Flying Toilet Paper demo on the website. This should get your members excited.

P.S. Be sure to roll the toilet paper back up so as not to be wasteful!

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  1. Joel Kuipers
    Joel Kuipers says:

    Hi – how can I contact these kids in Indonesia? I’m a researcher at George Washington University who is interested in how kids in Indonesia interpret scientific phenomena. I’d like to contact them so interview them.

    Joel Kuipers

  2. Harry Lee
    Harry Lee says:

    Dear Joel Kuipers,

    Hi! I heared you’re interested in contacting kids in Indonesia. Do email me about this; I’ll be happy to help in any way possible.

    Harry Lee

  3. Dani
    Dani says:

    hi, i’m from indonesia and actually i was looking for a science club for my little brother (11 years old), i’d really like to have information regarding the science club, could you help me?


    (i’ve just notice the last post on the comment page was made 2 years ago, is this site still active?)

  4. anita buchari
    anita buchari says:

    hi….I’ve been looking for a science club in indonesia, particularly in jakarta for my 8-year old daughter. She has a great interest in science and math, especially experiments. can you help me???????thanks!

  5. Lie Mui
    Lie Mui says:

    Hi, I’ve been looking for a science club in Jakarta for my son. He is 8th years old. Please give information. Thank a lot!

  6. Harry Lee
    Harry Lee says:

    I’m back! (Strange, how these things come full circle.)

    I’ve been working on an idea I’ve had – an international science “club” of sorts, based online, targeted at kids who find science interesting but don’t necessarily have access to physical gatherings, etc.

    Steve, would you like to have a hand in this? I realize you are very busy, but I thought this might be right up your alley – helping more kids get excited at science.

  7. Astrid
    Astrid says:

    Hi, I’m looking for science club in indonesia. My son is 8 years. Now he lives in bandung, west jave. Can I get more information about it. Thanks so much.


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