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The Science Behind the Musical Fruit

I confess;  I often hesitate to fix and serve any kind of beans to my family because. . . well, you know why. There are all kinds of jokes about, well, "this," but what many people don't realize is that there's a reason why beans are…

The Science Behind Composting – Nourish the Planet on Earth Day

By Blog Editor Susan Wells Spring time means getting out and enjoying the sun, watching the trees bloom and cleaning out those flower beds and garden patches and filling them with flowers and plants. Before you start clearing out the dead of…
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Instant Freeze – Water Turns to Ice in a Flash

During the cold winter months, do you ever leave a bottle of water or soda in your car or garage overnight? What happens the next day when the drink is still liquid you twist off the cap and the drink instantly freezes! How does this work and…