Science Value Pack Bundle

Science Value Pack Bundle

4 Great Kits – 1 Awesome Bundle!

  • Learn about centripetal force and the science of sound with Screaming Balloons
  • Demonstrate the properties of potential and kinetic energy with Bounce No Bounce Balls
  • Use problem solving skills along with the scientific method to discover the solution with Balancing Nails
  • Learn about motion, momentum, and gravity with Steel Rings
  • All kits are easy and safe to use! Parental supervision is required.
  • Bundle includes: Bounce No Bounce Balls, At-Home Science Kit: Balancing Nails, At-Home Science Kit: Steel Rings and At-Home Science Kit: Screaming Balloons

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Science Value Pack Bundle

A little more about Steel Rings
How Do Steel Rings Work?
This fun apparatus, created from some string and steel rings, is a pendulum. But it’s not like a pendulum found in a grandfather clock that swings slowly back and forth. This one operates using acceleration from gravity. When you release the small ring, gravity accelerates the ring toward the ground, giving it velocity (the speed of motion.)

More about Balancing Nails
How Do Balancing Nails Work?
All of the nails have to be balanced at the same time and cannot touch anything but the top of the nail that is stuck in the base. Gravity pulls an object toward the Earth as if all of the object’s weight is concentrated at one point on the object. It’s called the center of gravity or the center of mass.

More about Bounce No Bounce Balls
When you open the Bounce No Bounce balls, you may think you’ve been duped or tricked… like we’ve played a mean trick on you. Two black rubber balls look and feel the same, but try bouncing them. One rebounds in a most lively manner while the other ball is as bounceless as a piece of clay. It’s not a trick – the balls are made out of two different types of rubber. One ball is elastic, which bounces back. The other ball, however, is inelastic and lies lazily on the floor. Use the Bounce No Bounce Balls to demonstrate and explore the properties of potential and kinetic energy.

More about Giant Growing Crocodile
This crocodile starts at a mere 12″ in length, but soak it in water and it grows up to three times its original size! That means you’ll have a gargantuan crocodile that is over 25″ in length and can be up to 36″ if cared for really well! Our crack team of growing creature experts couldn’t believe their eyes. Just drop Clyde (that’s his name) in a large bucket of water and watch him grow and grow over the next two weeks. Of course, you can dry him out and watch him shrink back down over time (just how much time depends on your humid climate). Your kids will go nuts!

For Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, and All-Around Science Adults!

We haven’t forgotten about the new STEM and STEAM initiatives you’ve been hearing about in our schools, bringing Science, Technology, Engineering, (Art), and Math together to make young scientists real thinkers!

Make a STEM Connection!

Let’s work together to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. At Steve Spangler Science, STEM is not just an acronym or a checklist of required subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math). Our STEM products encourage young scientists to create new and exciting experiences that foster the skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

Science Value Pack Bundle

Do you think you can do it?

The simple physics activities included in this kit focus on gravity, movement and patience to reveal how balance and energy play a fascinating role in our day to day lives.

Science Value Pack Bundle

Steel Rings

Learn about motion, momentum, and gravity

Science Value Pack Bundle

4 Activity Guides included

What’s Included? 

At-Home Science Kit  – Balancing Nails

  • 1 Red Plastic Board
  • 12 Nails
  • Step-by-step activity guide

Recommended ages 8+ with adult supervision.

At-Home Science Kit  – Steel Rings

  • 2 Steel rings with string
  • Step-by-step activity guide

Recommended ages 6+ with adult supervision.

At-Home Science Kit  –Screaming Balloons

  • 12 clear, latex balloons
  • 8 zinc hex nuts
  • Activity Guide

Recommended ages 8+ with adult supervision.

Bounce No Bounce Balls

  • One black 20mm Bounce Ball
  • One black 20mm No Bounce Ball
  • Activity Guide

Recommended ages 8+ with adult supervision.

Bounce No Bounce Balls

Adult supervision required. Recommended ages 8+.

Giant Growing Crocodile 

Adult supervision required. Recommended ages 3+.

At-Home Science Kit – Balancing Nails

Adult supervision required. Recommended ages 8+.

At-Home Science Kit – Steel Rings

Adult supervision required. Recommended ages 6+.

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