Polymer-Based Activities and Hands-on Activities

Get down ‘n dirty with everyone’s favorite — slime! Choose from String Slime™, Slime Art, Green Slime and Vampire Slime, which features color-sensitive ingredients that change color. Get creative with our colorful magic sand products, including our Magic Sand Test Tube. Create some memorable Insta Snow experiences for a winter wonderland in the middle of summer or choose one of our just-add-water growing shapes or critters, like the Water Gel, Jelly Marbles, Colorful Growing Orbs, Water Cubes or the Giant Growing Crocodile. Each of our polymer-based kits comes with a teaching guide, an activity guide and an additional deep dive informational sheet that explains the properties of the polymer substance included.

Polymer Products with Wow Factor

Be prepared to be amazed, inspired and oh-so-entertained! At Steve Spangler Science, we like to make our experiments and products BIG with our signature “wow” factor! We strive to inspire the next generation of STEMologists to dream big, ask questions and get excited about the world we live in. Whether you’re looking for after-school activities, classroom kits, STEM science kits, science fair ideas or polymer experiments and products for specific age ranges, you’ll find it all here at Steve Spangler Science!

Steve Spangler Science Kits and Experiments

Our other science kits are not to miss here at Steve Spangler Science. Explore the scientific principles of chemistry and physics. Learn more about electricity, force and motion or solar light. Shop here for all of your at-home science experiment lab supplies or view our huge library of online science experiments for inspiration and science-focused entertainment. Ideal for teachers, classrooms and home, Steve Spangler Science has been getting kids excited about science for more than 25 years.

Adult supervision required.