Force and Motion Science Products

Force and Motion Products

Magnetism, friction, gravity, push, pull — force and motion affect every aspect of our lives. Without force and motion, we’d float out into space and our planet would drift apart, piece by piece. Sir Isaac Newton is the father of force and motion, first writing about these ideas over 300 years ago. While Newton’s ideas may not be new, kids can still learn a lot by exploring force and motion for themselves. 

With motion science products from Steve Spangler Science, kids learn about Newton’s laws of motion and gain firsthand knowledge of what happens when objects are pushed, pulled and exposed to gravity. Steve Spangler Science has hands-on activities that use everyday items to demonstrate the laws of motion and science of force, providing kids with a unique springboard into the world of scientific discovery.

  • Halloween Slime BundleHalloween Slime Bundle

    The Halloween Slime Bundle

  • First Days of School Bundle

    Science Lesson Starter Bundle

  • STEM Electric Physics BundleSTEM Electric Physics Bundle

    STEM Electric Physics Bundle

  • Classroom Science BundleClassroom Science Bundle

    Classroom Science Bundle

  • Air Classroom BundleAir Classroom Bundle

    Solar and Air Classroom Bundle

  • Physics Classroom BundlePhysics Classroom Bundle

    Observable Forces Classroom Bundle

  • Bubble Classroom BundleBubble Classroom Bundle

    Bubble Classroom Bundle

  • STEM Science Kit: Mix and Match

  • STEM Science Kit: Snow ScienceSTEM Science Kit: Snow Science

    STEM Science Kit: Snow Science Kit

  • STEM Science Kit - Slime Artslime art

    STEM Science Kit: Slime Art

  • STEM Science Kit: Mysterious Science KitSTEM Science Kit: Mysterious Science Kit

    STEM Science Kit: Mysterious Science Kit

  • STEM Science Kit - String Slime GoSTEM Science Kit - String Slime Goo

    STEM Science Kit: String Slime Goo Science Kit

  • STEM Science Kit - Newtons AnticsSTEM Science Kit - Newton's Antics Science Kit

    STEM Science Kit: Newton’s Antics

  • STEM Science Kit - Water Science KitSTEM Science Kit - Water Science Kit

    STEM Science Kit: Water Science STEM Kit

  • STEM Science Kit - BubblologySTEM Science Kit - Bubblology

    STEM Science Kit: Bubblology Science Kit


Experiments With a Wow Factor

Science is more fun when it’s hands-on. Help kids dive into science by exploring the Bernoulli principle and the properties of air pressure through the One Breath Bernoulli Bag activity. Introduce your young scientist to the science behind flight with our Balloon-Powered Helicopter. Demonstrate the power of compressed air by launching potato plugs with our Potato Launcher introducing kiddos to Boyle’s Law, the Kinetic Theory of Gases and Newton’s Laws of Motion. 

Each of our force and motion products comes with all of the accessories you need — just add some simple household items, a responsible adult and some curiosity. With each of our products, we’ve included an activity guide and teaching materials that further explain the science behind these phenomena, so anyone can teach the principles of force and motion to the next generation of scientists.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists

Steve Spangler Science puts the wow factor back into science. With over 25 years of experience, we know what kids like and how to get them excited about learning. Our goal is to inspire the next generations of scientists, one experiment at a time. Our force and motion products, experiments and demonstrations are fantastic for after-school groups, classroom labs, STEM clubs and more. They can easily be used by home-schooling families and parents who want to help their kids explore their favorite subject. Check out our online experiment library, one of the largest and most respected resources for parents and educators. Don’t miss our science fair ideas, lab supplies, science kits and great deals.

Adult supervision required.