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  • Leprechaun Science Kit

Leprechaun Science Kit

Quick Overview

Science Secrets of the Leprechauns Revealed


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It’s time that someone exposes a few Leprechaun secrets... and we’ve done it with this Leprechaun Science kit. Learn how to uncover hidden rainbows, experience the magic of color-changing Leprechaun beads, fish for Leprechauns with appearing green worms and amaze your friends with some genuine Leprechaun magic. Grow Leprechaun eggs that appear and vanish in a blink of an eye, learn the secret to turning ordinary white flowers green and discover how to inflate an eight foot long Leprechaun sandwich bag with only one breath of air. If your kids ever doubted the existence of Leprechauns, just wait until they turn on the faucet and the water flows green! If your kids like St. Patrick’s Day, they’ll love this Leprechaun Science kit - and you’ll enjoy the opportunity to conduct each of the activities with your young scientist.

What's Included?

  • 55 Color-Changing UV Beads
  • 40 grams of Green Leprechaun Snow
  • 15 grams of Jelly Marbles 
  • 5 Pipe Cleaners
  • 120 mL of Worm Goo 
  • 2 Green Leprechaun Bags 
  • 12 grams of Worm Activator 
  • 108 pack of Green Fizzers - Coloring Tablets 
  • Rainbow Glasses
  • 2 Jumbo Test Tubes
  • Jumbo Test Tube rack
  • Measuring scoops and plastic Cups
  • Activity Guide (8 pages packed with science content and St. Patrick’s Day fun)

How Does It Work?

  • Make Leprechaun green snow
  • Fish with appearing green worms
  • Uncover hidden rainbows
  • Turn white flowers green using Leprechaun test tubes
  • Make a color-changing Leprechaun bracelet
  • Grow Leprechaun eggs that vanish and reappear like magic
  • Learn how to inflate a giant Leprechaun sandwich bag with one breath

What Does It Teach?

Although the kit is intended to have fun with the myth of Leprechauns and St. Patrick’s Day traditions, the scientific explanation of each of the activities is fully explained. Adults will laugh at the creativity of the ideas as they share the Leprechaun science with their children.

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  1. Amazing review by Starwarsboy104 on 2/26/2016

    It's amazing how much this kit gives for just $35 I bought it last year and I did this year I'm so excited for it to come in the mail so soon my favorite from great to least 1.) leprechaun eggs 2.) green snow 3.) green worms 4.) green tablets. Just another great Steve Spangler product I recommend it to all.

  2. Loved it! review by Bonnie on 3/25/2015

    I have 3 boys and they loved the kit! We surprised them with all the water turning green and even the toilets turned green! They loved making the snow and it is great that we could reuse it in about 10 days.

  3. Kids Loved It review by Deb on 3/24/2015

    My kindergarten students loved this kit. The top three activities were green Insta-Snow, the Worm Goo, and Color-Changing Beads. One student said, " This is the best science day." I will buy this kit again next year.

  4. St.l Patrick's Day fun review by Janet on 3/23/2015

    This is the 3rd year I have used this kit for my kindergarten class. They love the leprechaun magic. We think and observe like scientists while we do these experiments.

  5. Who had more fun, the kids or adults? review by Melinda Ireland on 3/23/2014

    This kit was a great routine breaker for my kindergarten Daisy Girl Scouts. They were ooohing, awwwwing and yukking with each activity. The parents were right there touching and smelling and whaaat, how'd you do that, too. The worm goo and snow were the biggest hits.I had a lot of fun sharing this kit with them and will be planning my next sick science day with them soon.

  6. To catch a Leprechaun review by Lynn on 3/22/2014

    This is the second science kit our 9 year old daughter has gotten from Steve Spangler and it was just as fun as the first. She could not contain her excitement when she saw the box and proceeded to go through every experiment without stopping. Her favorite was the green snow which she used in her Leprechaun trap. It was a decoy to hide the try bottom of the box in hopes that the Leprechaun would get stuck. Alas, those little guys are full of tricks and eluded us yet again, but I know we had the most fun.

  7. Lots of activities review by Mary Kamoss on 3/11/2014

    I am a science teacher currently teaching physics in a youth detention center. I am always looking for way to excite my students aout science. This kit is full of fascinating activities that have them talking about days after we have done them. The kit is so full of interesting stuff and good scientific explanations about what is happening and why.

  8. LOT OF FUN!!! review by Sarah Powell on 4/7/2013

    The children in my class had so much fun with this kit! We even had a Leprechaun visit our room!

  9. Leprechaun Science kit review by Chris White on 2/9/2013

    I used this kit to help convince my preschool class about leprechauns. They were convinced after I used the stuff in this kit. This kit also has everything you need to be a clever leprechaun. My class really loved the green snow. I would recommand this kit to any teacher or parent. Just another great steve spangler product

  10. leprechaun kit review by Pat on 12/20/2012

    fun, fun, fun

  11. Fantastic Homeschooling Break review by Kristie on 11/20/2012

    Kristie received the Leprechaun Science Kit from Steve Spangler Science at no cost to her in exchange for a review. To read Angie's review in its entirety, please visit her blog - Spangler Science Team

    Since we are a homeschooling family that is always looking for ways to break up the monotony of everyday schooling, I was thrilled to be able to offer this Leprechaun Science Kit from Steve Spangler Science to my son yesterday.

    I knew he would totally be into it, and I was right.

    What surprised me was that my sixteen year old daughter was into it just as much as my twelve year old son, and possibly even more. My son opened the cool paint can that everything came neatly packaged in and started looking through everything.

    I can’t think of a better way to spend St. Patrick’s Day with your kids than by turning them loose on this Leprechaun Science Kit.

  12. Get Your Kids Interested... review by Michele on 11/9/2012

     Michele received the Leprechaun Science Kit from Steve Spangler Science at no cost to her in exchange for a review. To read Angie's review in its entirety, please visit her blog - Spangler Science Team

     As soon as I opened the box and my kids saw what it was, they were jumping up and down.  Steve Spangler Science makes learning about science really fun. My kids don’t even know they are learning, they think we are playing (shhhh, don’t tell).

    [The Rainbow Glasses] look like ordinary 3D glasses, but my kids had several hours of fun with these glasses last night.

    Watch [this] video and see how we created a cup of green snow. We just did a small cup full.

  13. Leprechaun Science Fun From Steve Spangler Science review by Angie on 10/16/2012

    Angie received the Leprechaun Science Kit from Steve Spangler Science at no cost to her in exchange for a review.  To read Angie's review in its entirety, please visit her blog
    - Spangler Science Team

    [This is] a ton of stuff for only $24.95.  What I love most about Steve Spangler Science is that all their kits come with enough supplies to do these experiments over and over again. 

    The Green Leprechaun Snow was a big hit with the kids and even bigger when this momma realized that once the snow dries it's reusable. 

    ...seemingly boring white beads were my girls' favorite when we discovered that adding a little sunlight created beautiful rainbow bracelets!

    The Worm Goo was also a big hit and probably my favorite. Add a little water and some green food coloring and you have instant worms! 

  14. We Loved It! review by Cristina Swinnerton on 8/24/2012

    I purchased this item to use with my Kindergarten students for St. Patrick's day. I told them my friend "Steve" had gone to Ireland and found a Leprechaun's home, although he wasn't fast enough to catch the leprechaun. Instead, he brought home several of the items he had found and shared them with me. They loved it! They decided we should try to see if the leprechaun eggs ever hatch if they aren't place in water, and we have several others still tightly sealed in a container with water so that if they hatch over the weekend, the leprechauns can't escape. They were very excited that I showed them how the leprechauns blow up their sandwich bag, and I added the rainbow glasses to the science centre. The biggest hit, though, were definitely the rainbow beads. I kept telling them they were going to build the most beautiful rainbow bracelet they had ever seen, and they kept insisting they were white. How amazed were they when we went out for recess and one at a time they started realizing their bracelets had changed! Even the parents wanted to know the magic! Thank you so much for helping make this day a great success!

  15. Wonderful! review by Kay Daughtry on 7/14/2012

    I am a huge Steve Spangler science fan. I ordered the Leprechaun kit this year and had a wonderful time with all of the second grade classes (4) who are studying changes in matter. I had plenty of "stuff" to do some of the activities with my 3rd graders as well as put together a little magic for my principal's first grader.

    The theme kits are wonderful.

    Thank you so much for all you do.

  16. Loved it review by chris wittkopp on 6/29/2012

    loved everything in the Leaprechaun kit. The kids still think the mischievious creatures hatched from the eggs and caused the mess in the classroom.

  17. Leprechaun Kit Fabulous! review by Kimberly on 5/3/2012

    I almost never write reviews, but this kit is just so, so cute! The whole thing, from the adorable bucket packaging to the instructions to the projects themselves is done really well. My Kindergartener and 4th grader just took into school a plastic baggie with a little water and an "invisible leprechaun egg". They've got their 'show and tell' act all worked out. :-) It's just all fun, fun, fun.

  18. The plotting begins! review by Sybil Haas on 3/6/2012

    As a teacher, I know the importance of encouraging curiosity. My son has been motivated to catch a leprechaun for the past year. This is right up his alley! The best part is that anything I don't use at home, I can take to show the kids in my primary classroom. Thanks for sharing this!

  19. St Paddy Day Science review by Gretchen Czach on 1/12/2012

    Steve Spangler, YOU ROCK! I love your website and all your brillant science experiment. Erin Go Braugh!

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