Glow Powder + Mini Black Light

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  • High-quality zinc sulfide powder
  • Phosphorescent powder for black light parties and pumpkin decorating
  • Learn about the science of things that glow – fluorescence and phosphorescence

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Glow Powder with Mini Black Light
  • High-quality zinc sulfide powder
  • Phosphorescent powder for black light parties and pumpkin decorating
Glow Powder with Mini Black Light

Learn About the Science of Things That Glow

Discovering fluorescence and phosphorescence

We cracked the secret to making your favorite concoctions glow-in-the-dark! Glow Powder is a fine powder called zinc sulfide that glows an eerie green when the lights go off. Our team of creative teachers packed the included activity guide with a bunch of great ideas… from glowing alien blobs to glow-in-the-dark putty. When the lights go off, most people think that it’s time to go to bed. The after-dark scientist knows that with our glow-in-the-dark powder, everything comes alive at night with an eerie glow! Try using our Glow Powder for your own activities and ideas. It’s perfect for a new twist on Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns and other glow-in-the-dark crafts.

Adult supervision is required with all phosphorescent powder and chemicals.

What does it teach?

Learning about the science of Glow Powder requires an understanding of two important terms – fluorescence and phosphorescence. It’s also important to note that not all zinc sulfide glows, but luminous zinc sulfide does glow!

Glow Powder: How does it work?

Imagine that an atom looks something like our solar system. The sun would be the nucleus consisting of positive charges called protons and neutral charges called neutrons. The planets spinning around the sun would be similar to the electrons of an atom orbiting around the nucleus.

When the electrons in the atoms of special molecules like zinc sulfide (the material that makes up our Glow Powder) become excited, they move farther away from the nucleus — into higher or more distant orbits. In order to become excited, the electrons must take on energy. In this case, light provided the required energy to cause the electrons to move to a higher energy level. It’s as if Earth were to move farther away from the sun into the orbit of Mars or Jupiter.

The electrons in glow-in-the-dark pigment powder will remain in the excited state as long as they receive light to energize them. When the light used as an exciter is removed, the electrons will slowly return to their original lower orbits. As they do so, they give up the energy that excited them in the form of light. That’s what creates the eerie glow you see when you turn off the lights!

Glow Powder with Mini Black Light

What Can You Do With Glow Powder?

With adult supervision, try painting pumpkins or other surfaces with Glow Powder. Then, turn off the lights and see your creation light up!

Glow Powder with Mini Black Light

Science Class Has Never Been So Fun!

This phosphorescent powder is a fun way to get the whole class engaged in the science behind glow-in-the-dark powder. Throw a fun Halloween party or an exciting science experiment with our Glow Powder.

Glow Powder with Mini Black Light

How Big Is the Mini Black Light?

The mini black light is the perfect size to fit on your key chain. In case you want to take your creation with you wherever you go, your mini black light will be your trusty companion that can illuminate and activate the Glow Powder.

Glow Powder – What’s Included?

  • Baby soda bottle with cap
  • 75 g of Luminous Zinc Sulfide
  • Plastic measuring scoop
  • Mini Black Light
  • Activity Guide

Adult supervision is required.

Glowing Pumpkins

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