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Halloween Science Secrets

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Steve Spangler's Halloween Dry Ice Secrets

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  1. Halloween Science Party

    It's a Halloween science party in a box and you're the amazing host with the coolest science experiments guaranteed to get ooohs & ahhhs!

    Will Ship Approximately 07/07/17 

  2. The Ultimate Dry Ice Science Kit

    Whether you're whipping up something spooky for Halloween or crafting an unforgettable lesson about the states of matter, DRY ICE experiments create an unforgettable learning experience. Featured on The Ellen Show!

  3. Halloween Decorating Kit

    It's easy to set-up your own mad scientist laboratory filled with bubbling test tube potions, graduated cylinders filled with glowing liquids, pickled body parts, ghost eggs and more. Perfect for any Halloween party.

    Regular Price: $49.99

    Special Price $32.99

  4. Boo Bubbles - Dry Ice Smoke Bubbles

    Bubbles are cool and bubbles filled with fog are even cooler! Steve Spangler created Boo Bubbles as an easy and safe way for parents and teachers to explore the science of dry ice with fog-filled bubbles.

  5. Vampire Science Kit

    Glowing slime and vampire veins change color from eerie green to blood red in this Vampire Science kit.



  6. Slime Factory - One Gallon Party Kit

    Now it is time to graduate from Elmer's Glue sime to the reall slime that movie studios use.  Steve Spangler has perfected the recipe for you. Everything you need to make slime just the way you like it with bugs, eyeballs, gooey globs, slippery chunks, spider eggs and more. Makes 1 gallon of slime with shaker cups for the perfect, take-home party favor or DIY slime making extravaganza.

    Will Ship Approximately 07/15/17

  7. Ghost Science Kit

    Amaze your friends with ghost eggs and alien marbles that appear and disappear like magic.
  8. Spooky Sounds Kit

    Startle and scare this Halloween with scientific spooky sounds.
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8 Item(s)