The Experiment & More in The Leprechaun Science Kit – $34.99

Leprechauns are known for being diminutive people. That means the little green men have to conserve space wherever they can. For instance, did you know that leprechauns have collapsable lunch sacks? It’s true. With the Power of Air Leprechaun Lunch Bag Experiment, we’ll show you how leprechauns can blow into their lunch sacks, expanding them in seconds. It’s an awesome leprechaun Trick with an incredible science tie!

St. Patrick’s Day Science Products

Looking to capture one of those illusive green men this St. Patrick’s Day? These products will get you on the right track.

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    UV Color-Changing Beads

  • String Slime Deluxe SetString Slime Deluxe Set

    String Slime™ Deluxe Set

  • Rainbow String Slime ™Rainbow String Slime

    Rainbow String Slime™

    $31.49 Sale!
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    String Slime™ Starter Set

  • Slime Art - Green SlimeGreen Slime Classroom Kit

    Green Slime – Classroom Kit

    $32.49 Sale!
  • Green Fizzers - Color Changing TabletsGreen Fizzers - Color Changing Tablets

    Green Fizzer Tablets

    $4.54 Sale!
  • Leprechaun Green SnowLeprechaun Green Snow

    Leprechaun Green Snow

  • Rainbow SnowRainbow Snow Bundle

    Rainbow Snow Bundle

  • Deluxe Science Kit Bundle

    Deluxe Science Kit Bundle

  • Deluxe Science Kit Bundle

    Deluxe Science Kit Bundle

  • Big Bundle of ScienceBig Bundle of Science

    Big Bundle of Science


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