April Fools Day Science

The Complete Prankster Bundle

This Experiment and More! in The Complete Prankster Bundle
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If you’re tired of seeing the same jokes, pranks, and tricks played every April 1st, then you need to get your hands on The Complete Prankster Kit. Now you and your friends won’t have to settle for played out pranks. You’ll have a brand new plethora of pranks to play on your unsuspecting family and friends. Pranksters and masters of trickery can choose from one of our seven detailed pranks or create their own!

Take your pranks, jokes, and tricks to a brand new, science inspired level!

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Science Prank Videos

Easter Science Experiments

These fun experiments can be a great way to include science in your spring celebration!

Easter Science Videos

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Waling on Eggs

Exploding Eggs

Naked Egg

Folding Egg

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