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The Complete Prankster Bundle

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This kit and guide will take your pranks, jokes, and tricks to a brand new, science inspired level!
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Prankster Bundle

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If you're tired of seeing the same jokes, pranks, and tricks played every April 1st, then you need to get your hands on The Complete Prankster Kit. Now you and your friends won't have to settle for played out pranks like whoopee cushions. You'll have a brand new plethora of pranks to play on your unsuspecting family and friends. Pranksters and masters of trickery can choose from one of our seven detailed pranks or create their own! We'll walk you through tricks like the Magic Rooftop Cup, Not-Dairy Creamer Prank, and a new Mentos Prank using beautiful step-by-step photography. When you're done, we're sure you'll have plenty of prank ideas, yourself. We'll supply the necessary materials for you when you buy the Complete Prankster Bundle. With valuable tools like a super-strong Neodymium Magnet, a 100 pack of Color Fizzers, and a jar of Water Gel, it's a worthy prank and trick kit.

What's Included?

The Complete Prankster Kit

  • 28-page, image-packed Complete Prankster guide
    • Do Not Open Bottle
    • Not-Dairy Creamer Prank
    • The Baby Diaper Secret
    • Magic Rooftop Cup
    • Spray Paint Can Trick
    • Mentos Prank
    • Color in the Faucet
    • Neodymium Magnet
    • 100g jar of Water Gel
    • 100 pack of Color Fizzers
    • Geyser Tube

What Does It Teach?

It wouldn't be a Steve Spangler Science kit without showing you the science behind each of the pranks. April Fool's Day is the perfect way to encourage scientific engagement and understanding in a way that's fun, exciting, and funny!

  • Do Not Open Bottle - Air pressure and properties of water
  • Not-Dairy Creamer Prank - Polymers
  • The Baby Diaper Secret - Investigation and polymers
  • Magic Rooftop Cup - Magnets
  • Spray Paint Can Trick - Trial & error and magnets
  • Mentos Prank - Chemical reactions and motion
  • Color in the Faucet - Chemical reactions, color mixing, and solutions

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