Predicting the Super Bowl with Chemistry!

Who will win the Super Bowl on Sunday?

The big game is this weekend and everyone has their prediction of the winner. Our Steve Spangler went into the laboratory to find a scientific way to predict the outcome.

Scientific Super Bowl Predictions with Chemistry. Who will win the Super Bowl? | Steve Spangler Science

                                           Super Bowl chemistry!

Steve began his predictions by using a classic Clock Reaction to tell how the Seattle Seahawks will perform – black with doom and destruction.

When you add the Seahawks colors of green and blue together, you get nothing. Just a clear liquid.

Finally, he used an Oscillating Clock Reaction, or the Briggs-Rauscher Reaction. This reaction changed from navy blue to amber orange over and over. It told Steve the final for the Super Bowl will be 34-17 Broncos. Only time will tell the scientific strength of these predictions.

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