Table Tricks Science Experiment Guide

It’s a mad rush in the kitchen before a holiday meal with family and friends. Once the turkey and potatoes are gone, what do you do to entertain your guests? Science magic table tricks of course!

Table Tricks Activity Guide downloadable pdf $4.99 | Steve Spangler Science

Whether you’re sitting down to a nice dinner with your family or if you’ve just finished an enormous Thanksgiving feast, you can perform some incredible science demonstrations, experiments, and activities with the Table Tricks Science Experiment Guide!

The best part? You don’t need to head to the science store – these table tricks use supplies you have around the house. It’s kitchen science at the dinner table.

Tricks like Balancing Utensils, the Spinning Match, and Newton’s Bottle make for great party pieces, but your guests will be even more impressed when you reveal the science behind the Table Tricks. Don’t forget the encore –

Hands-on science, good company, and great food… what could be better? The Tablecloth Trick!




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